SONY A1, Sony has always been the brand of my choosing. A wide range of lenses, camera bodys and accessories that truly helps the creator that is out there. With the years I had the opportunity of owning and use several Sony cameras like Sony a7S II, A7 III, A7R III,  a6500 and A7S III. Today my needs as photographer and filmmaker requires to have a reliable tool that can work without limits in each field. That is why I have choose the A1 to be my main camera. Able to perform 8k and 4k 120fps with 10 bits 4:2:2 , but also 50 megapixels with as much as 30 fps burst. It has never let me down and love the things that allows to create.
SONY A7IV, a second body. Perfect as a travel camera or B camera during a shooting. This camera its the perfect middle point, 32 mgpx and records 4k 60 and HD 120, more than enough for a casual use now and then. Also has a flip screen, very handy when filming solo or trying to get into weird angles for some photos.
GOPRO Hero 11, fairly known as an adventure camera. It goes with me on my trips for "dangerous" shots, such as speed chases, underwater, doing some sports. Love the new bigger sensor and very good stabilisation.
DJI MINI 3 PRO I love drones. I have tried several but fell in love deeply with this one. It's small, shoots 4K60 10 Bit, last almost an hour flying and can rotate the camera into vertical mode. No more landscapes killed by Instagram!
iPhone 13 Pro, always in RAW and I find it very good for what it is.
Ricoh GR III, the absolute queen for street photography. APS-C 24mgpx sensor with a fix 28mm lens that produces one of the best takes in sharpness and mood ever in the market. Lovely to have it at all times and don't even notice it is there.
TAMRON 35-150 f2-2.8, the lens that sleeps with the camera. The do-it-all. Absolutely superb sharpness and range. It is also super luminous and loved it every single time. The only con? Its a bit big and heavy.
SONY 16-35 f2.8 GM, a wide lens to rule them all! By far my favourite, but it ain't for every occasion. I love to take into the nature for landscaping or into cities to get architectural takes.
SONY 28-60 f4.5-5.6, a tiny tiny compact zoom lens. Do not make the mistake of underestimate this cutie. It is truly sharp in the middle and what lacks on speed it makes it up in weight and pragmatism.
ZEISS 35 f2.8, another tiny lens to take with you everywhere and don't even notice. Sharp? It is a Zeiss, so hell yeah. Do you need to blend in places and your big lens is taking too much attention? Not this one.
SONY 90 F2.8 G Macro, a Macro lens is a must. This is also a really-close-to-85 lens, so 2 really good reasons to have it. It produces one of the best portrait shots that I've seen and has a 1.1 magnification.
SONY 100-400 f4.5-5.6, a super telephoto lens is really handy when in nature. All sorts of animals are scared by humans, but with this sort of lens you have a chance to take a good photograph from afar.
Sony TC 1.4x, for those times when the telephoto is still too far, a bit of a push on zoom, makes all the difference. No loss on quality and just one stop of light less.
SD Card, Sandisk is a truly reliable brand. Because of the specifications of my cameras, I need at least a V60 speed to be able to film on them. Also V90 is highly recommendable.
CFExpress Type A, a faster type of card that are used in the Sony A1.
Reader, in order to pass all content from the cards to a computer I need a reader. This one features both type of slots.
Peak Design tripod, a carbon tripod well know for its innovative design. It weights almost nothing and its reliable and durable for many many years.
Rode Wireless GO II, when in need of well recored sound this are my way to go. A 2 wireless channel-separate emitters and a receiver plugged directly to camera. They are so tiny you can hide it anywhere.
ZOOM H1n, a proper sound recorder for those occasions when just one camera does not cut it. Like weddings where you need to film somewhere and still record the speeches without interruptions.
Cleaning kit, probably the cheapest accessories and one of the most important. It goes everywhere and you just remember that you have it when absolutely need it, but definitely take one with you always.
APUTURE AL-MX LED, a tiny little handy LED that is sturdy as a rock and potent as a big flash. Can be mount on top of the camera on onto tripods so it is very versatile and use it all the time.
Freewell VND Magnetic, Neutral Density, polarisation and mist all in the same design? And magnets? Yes, please. A do-it-all system of 6 filters that fits a 82mm thread and can be used in 4 out 6 lenses I own.
Peak Design LEASH, a perfect slim leash for carry either small or large set-ups.
Peak Design Clip Capture, a piece of truly clever design that clips onto a backpack or a belt and can carry the camera when you need your hands for another matter.
Wandrd PRVKE 41L, my absolute love. This backpack it's perfect in size, dimensions and capabilities. I've tried many but this one just do it all for me. I have travelled months with just this one, and never fails.
Cube Deep, in the Prvke you can either have it all empty and fill it as you prefer or get a camera cube. It has protections and matches the design for quick access for cameras and lenses.
Cube mini +. the little brother is the Mini +. It fits just a camera and maybe a lens, or a drone and a GoPro, or just a bunch of accessories. Smaller, so you can put it in a the Prvke or into a bag and don't notice.
WANDRD TRIPLE PACK TECH BAG, 3 tech bags in different sizes that serves as well as funny packs and accessories to the Prvke. The can clip on to the front.
Lowepro GearUp Pro II, this is a bit more special. Bigger than Mini + and smaller that Cube Deep, allows to get the telephoto zoom lens attached to the camera and still have a bit of space.
NORTH FACE FOLDABLE 20L, a foldable backpack to get your things on a day to day basis. Really small and tiny and it folds into almost nothing!​​​​​​​
MacBook Pro 16" M1 MAX, a laptop that is power enough to edit 50mgpx raw photos and edit video in 4K120 10 bit. I would not recommend other brand rather than Apple for this line of work.
LaCie HDD 5 Tb, a main HDD that contains the most of my work. Anything since 2012 till 2020. It is compact and fast enough to work with it directly plugged into the laptop.
SSD Sandisk Extreme Pro 4Tb, the main SSD where I have all the recent projects. Anything new goes directly to this one. Can edit several projects at the same time through it, no problem.
Synology NAS 1618, a back-up it's mandatory. I try to have everything double copied (at least). This monster-huge NAS bay sleeps in a closet in a bedroom and once every month I send everything there.
HDD SEAGATE IRONWOLF NAS 8Tb, the NAS it's just the container. The core are 4 HDD of these, due to have a 4 to 1 reliability, I can use all of them with the space of only 3. In case of one malfunctioning, it's safe.
RAVPOWER Hub, a tiny piece of hardware truly versatile. It's a 10.000 mAh, a router with protected inner network for personal use and a SD Card to Drive back-up solution when on field. Get one, you won't regret
26800mAh Powerbank, a big-ass power bank to have all covered on the field. Because of its design it is really thin, so you can put in anywhere on a backup and not feel it bulky. 

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