In 2016, something clicked on me the first time I use the M dial on my Canon 70D.
I studied Audiovisual Communication degree in Alcalá University, and Audiovisual Realization in Escuela CES.
But that’s a long time ago and since I finished I have worked all my way through.
I have played most of the jobs you can think on a set, in departments like camera, sound, photography, art, production, script… I have even be the one selling the popcorn!
But my passion lies on the camera department. I am "tech geek". I love learning new technics or getting to know new equipment. With that philosophy I have the opportunity to work in videoclips, short and long feature films, countless events, weddings, photo shootings...
As an editor I use Adobe Premiere, combined Audition and After Effects and Davinci Resolve.
My photographer skills came after. Discovered them while enjoying travelling. And since then I am dedicated to capture my trips, with either landscapes, portraits, street photography or aerial.​​​​​​​
All these things that I do, you can use it for your own project or bussiness. Several stock webs contain the best content that had come out of my camera. Check it out
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